Local Government - Services & Dog Control - Property Taxes

CURRENT: All current taxes are payable at par to OCTOBER 31ST of each year. On the first day of each and every month thereafter, a penalty of one and one-quarter percent (1 ¼%) per month will be added to all taxes remaining unpaid after this date.
ARREARS: All arrears are subject to one and one-quarter percent (1 ¼%) per month penalty added the first day of the month.
PAYMENT: Payment for taxes may be made by cash, cheque, Interac or Telpay (the ratepayer is responsible for making the required arrangements with their banking institution). Taxes may be paid in installments at any time prior to and after the due date. Post dated cheques may be left in the Town Office at any time. Online banking is set up for Sunova and RBC clients.
The name and address shown on the enclosed Property Tax Bill appears in accordance with the latest information that has been made available to the Town of Powerview-Pine Falls Administration Office. If your mailing address has changed, please notify this office. If you are no longer responsible for payment of the taxes for this property, please forward this Property Tax Bill to the responsible party OR return to the Town Office immediately. Please be advised that failure to receive a bill does not excuse an owner from the responsibility for payment of taxes nor relieve the owner of any penalties incurred.
Please Make Payment to:
Town of Powerview – Pine Falls
P. O. Box 220
Powerview, MB R0E 1P0
ASSESSMENT: Information regarding your assessment may be obtained by contacting the Provincial Municipal Assessment Branch at 103-235 Eaton Avenue, Selkirk, MB or by calling 785-5092.When making inquiries, please quote the roll number that appears on the top right hand corner of your tax bill.