Local Government - Permits

Building Permits
Permits are required for the construction, placement, renovations, demolitions, relocation or addition to any building. If you are planning any development, building or demolition, please contact the:
Winnipeg River Planning District
A building permit must be obtained prior to the start of construction.
ALL dogs over the age of six (6) months must be licensed in the Town of Powerview-Pine Falls.
Dog licenses are available at the Town Office for $20.00 each and are valid for five years. Dogs are not permitted to run at large. If found at large, your dog may be apprehended by the By-Law Enforcement Officer.  The Dog By-Law #7/13 is found on this website - Local Government - Files & Downloads - By-Laws for your review.   
Open Fires
Open Fires are permitted in the Town of Powerview-Pine Falls under controlled circumstances. Burning permits are available at the Town Office at no cost. Permits must be obtained in advance of the controlled burn.