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Town of Powerview - Pine Falls
277B Main Street Box 220
Powerview, MB  R0E 1P0
Phone: (204) 367-8483
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Community Profile - Get in the Hoop! Project

The Get in the Hoop! Project idea came as an answer to the question – “What can we do for the children in our Town?   We know that children and youth need to have a safe space of play where they can interact freely, and engage with other kids and/or their family in a sound environment.  

This project is going to maximize the existing tennis court by converting it into a multi-purpose court that includes a new basketball court, upgraded tennis court, and a pickleball court, but we believe this is not enough.  

Our children should be able to play after the sun goes down. The working residents can bring their kids to the park after work and play for hours - with enough fundraising added features may include additional lighting, a water fountain, a shade shelter, improved access, pathway restoration and bleachers.

Our aim is not only to give them a place of activity but to improve children’s physical, emotional and mental aspects, to instill the values of discipline, time management, teamwork and resiliency.  The Get in the Hoop! Project will bring everyone together, working towards a common goal - the betterment of the Town and improving people’s lives. 

DID YOU KNOW..... The Town of Powerview-Pine Falls can issue a Charitable Tax receipt to be used for income tax purposes for any donation of $20.00 or more! THAT'S A WIN …. WIN!!! 

The Town of Powerview-Pine Falls has a 20/20 vision!

HUGE PVPF thank you to all that have contributed to date to make the dream come true!

Donation - Ray T $10.00
Donation - Tanya M $20.00
Donation - Gerry G $20.00
Donation - Nick S $20.00
Donation - Anonymous$20.00
Donation - Cheryl P $20.00
Donation - Alfred K $30.00
Donation - Dancyt's $50.00
RM of Alexander - Councillor Dube Discretionary Fund$100.00
Donation - Sunova CU local branch$100.00
Donation - S Lavallee$150.00
BBQ raffle - 4P Festival$156.00
Donation - Dan's Rock & Roll Park$250.00
Chocolate Fundraiser$600.00
CDEM Granting$1,000.00
Community Spirit Fund Granting$1,000.00
ERCI - Christmas Craft Fair donation$1,161.05
Donation - DMG Transport$2,000.00
Meat Draws at Chicken Chef Lounge$3,866.00
Town Community Safety Reserve for lighting$5,000.00
AMBM Granting$6,500.00
Dave's Furniture BBQ$7,720.50

AND what makes these totals even MORE exciting is a grant we received from the good people at Building Sustainable Communities where they are going to fund match what we have raised, up to a maximum of $75,000.00 for a Grand Total of $150,000.00!