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Town of Powerview - Pine Falls
277B Main Street Box 220
Powerview, MB  R0E 1P0
Phone: (204) 367-8483
Fax: (204) 367-4747
Community Profile - Crime Stoppers

Welcome to the Powerview-Pine Falls Crime Stoppers page.   

The Town office and Council has a close relationship with our local RCMP detachment and they cannot emphasize more how important it is for resident involvement in helping to achieve a Community that is safe and secure.  

At any time you see any unusual behavior, please call the local RCMP detachment at 204-367-8728 to make a report.  The more information received regarding a certain possible, makes it easier to proceed with legal action.  You can request the statement be anonymous and your wishes shall be respected.

The crumbs do eventually form the bread!!

Take Back Our Town - TBOT

TBOT was a local initiative formed to deter local crime.  The organization is established but still needs local participation to make a difference.

Citizens On Patrol Program - COPP

Any individuals or groups who identify a safety concern in their community can consider establishing a local COPP group and can apply to join the provincial program.

Manitoba Crime Stoppers

1-800-222-8477 to call in your tip
ONLINE to make your report 
and then the website even allows you 
to review and update your tip! 

The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act

Manitoba has a new law to make communities and neighbourhoods safer.
It works by holding property owners accountable for threatening or disturbing activities that regularly take place on their property related to:

  • Prostitution and related activities
  • Unlawful sale of liquor
  • Unlawful use or sale of intoxicating substances - non-potable and solvent-based products
  • Sexual abuse or exploitation of a child or related activities
  • Possession or storage of an unlawful firearm, weapon or explosive
  • Participation in a Criminal Organization offence
  •  Unlawful drug use, dealing, production or cultivation